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Halloween Part I - Children's Costumes

Halloween Part I - Children's Costumes

September 13, 2018 1 Comment

I have had the pleasure to make several Halloween costumes for children, and it is incredibly fun for a child to have a handmade costume.  Not only does the child enjoy the costume for Halloween (until it is completely outgrown I must add), but the adults who see the costumes can't help but comment on how wonderful they are.  Total strangers have walked up to me and asked where I found the costume, and so many have commented to their friends how adorable the children are.  A simple investment of 3-5 hours and $20-30 can really pay off.

I have included a few wonderful pattern ideas for you here, as well as photos of my successful projects with time frames for completion.  Somehow Halloween always gets here faster than I think it will!  Links are provided for each project so that you can go directly to the pattern and/or kit page.    Please contact us to receive a personalized kit on any pattern listed below.  Remember to click any link to go directly to the pattern page.


Hats are the easiest way to add character to an otherwise bland outfit.  I have made 2 very successful Halloween hats for my son which he still wears to this day, and each is easily recognizable but cute enough to wear through the winter months.


Sock Monkey - CROCHET- The free hat by Red Heart is the focal point of the ensemble, but simple cuffs at the wrists and a pinned tail made this a truly perfect outfit when combined with cute overalls.  Warning: your child will not stop wearing this hat!! 

Cuff Instructions on Aran weight yarn: to fit 4-5 yr old.  Cuffs were made using SC (single crochet) stitches to go around his wrists easily (chain 23 sts, join with sl st, chain 1, SC 23 sts x 2 rows fur color, 2 rows white, 2 rows red, 2 rows white and bind off). 

Tail Instructions on Aran weight yarn: The tail was a similar tube that is 13 SC stitches (8 SC in foundation ring, join with sl st, chain 1, [2 SC in first st, 1 SC in next stitch] 4 times, 1 SC in remaining st, join with sl st, Chain 1.  6 rows of 13 st in fur color, 2 rows in white, 2 rows in red, 2 rows in white, 21 rows fur color, last row-flatten and stitch through front and back stitches to end (total of 6 st), bind off. Pin to overalls or garment with 2 safety pins and check regularly so that your child doesn't get stuck in the tooshie accidentally.

For a lasting hat, use Sweater by Spud & Chloë (washable cotton/superwash wool blend) or Rios by Malabrigo (100% superwash merino).  Mini skeins are available in each yarn for the red & white sections.  3-7 hours to make all parts described, depending on your speed.  The hat pictured uses Red Heart & Caron acrylic yarns.  


Hungry Caterpillar - CROCHET -  This free hat is designed by Mary Hodges, but there are so many different versions of the hat by many designers.  This recognizable icon by Eric Carle is known to almost every parent who has read the Hungry Caterpillar to their child.  To find more sizes and styles, click here to view the Ravelry pages.  You can even make a hat for your dog!  3-5 hours to make.

Any aran weight yarn will work, but we suggest using a yarn with a bit of wool to provide a good bounce to the yarn if you do not want to use Lion Brand as the pattern specifies.  And don't forget, wool is stretchy (so the hat will fit longer!)  100% cotton yarns will stretch out and sag with use, so be prepared to re-size as needed for cotton. 


Sweetie Pumpkin Pie - KNIT - Knit on bulky weight yarn, this hat will make up quickly for any toddler or baby.  Simply roll the brim up if the hat is too big so baby can grow into it.  This hat is also a fun addition to any outfits used on Thanksgiving, too.  2-5 hours to make. 


Very Berry Hat - KNIT -  Fits most children.  I just have to include this wonderful hat by Susan B. Anderson, one of my favorite designers for children's hats and toys.  Knit on Sweater by Spud & Chloë, this cotton/wool washable blend is the perfect warmth for the fall.  Warning: a little girl will wear this hat daily if she can find it!  I highly recommend the 2 handed knitting technique for this hat.  4-6 hours to make depending on size & speed.  

Watermelon Hat - KNIT -  Fits small children.  This topper is another shining example by Susan B. Anderson.  Wrap up your darling baby in the Leaf Blanket (shown below) and keep baby's head warm with this strikingly simple yet profoundly adorable hat.  3-5 hours to make depending on size. 



Hinnepin Hat & Super Cat Hat - KNIT -  Both of these patterns are perfect for kids and adults who want to flaunt their whiskers while staying warm. These hats are beyond easy to make and perfect for the beginner, too.  1-3 hours to make depending on size and speed.



Haltermelon - KNIT - Best for the warmer states, the Haltermelon is easy, fast, and adorable on little girls up to age 6.  Feel free to add a black long-sleeved top underneath on chilly evenings, too.  Please visit Yarn Loop's Instagram page to see the FO (finished object) that I made in 2016.  10 to 12 hours to make depending on size and made of cotton yarn.


Romper - CROCHET -  This self designed piece was made from Spud & Chloë Outer in 2 frantic evenings before the Halloween festivities began.  With a single button on the strap for easy entry, this outfit made it all day in the Texas heat with nary a pill on the tooshie on my 5 year old, wiggle-worm son.  It paired perfectly with the Hungry Caterpillar Hat mentioned above and is my Halloween crowning jewel to-date.  This self-made project is available by request, so please contact us to receive the working pattern.  (Please know that it is sized for a 5-6 yr old only and consists of a lot of DC stitches.) 8-10 hours to make.


Boys Overalls - KNIT - This professionally written pattern is from Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2017 and worth it's weight in gold.  Cute booties and a girl's version of the romper are also inside the magazine.  These overalls knit up without any fuss, and are a perfect addition to the sock monkey hat above if you do not already own coveralls.   4-12 hours depending on size


Bunting Bags & Sleep Sacks

Leaf Blanket - KNIT - This easy pattern is made from Outer by Spud & Chloë, a thick cotton/superwash wool blend.  With ingenious construction to tuck the leaf around baby, this quick knit "leaves" you with a great feeling of accomplishment.  Top with any hat above for an extra cute infant outfit.  6-10 hours to make depending on speed.


Ladybug Baby Cocoon - CROCHET - I truly loved making this little bunting bag for my niece, and the addition of the little spots really made the bag perfect.  This pattern is made by Red Heart but feel free to use any worsted or aran weight yarn for this project including 100% wool for those in the north or 100% cotton for those humid, hot, southern nights.  (fun side note: Yarn Loop's photo is on the Ravelry page here!) 10-12 hours to make


Baby Bunting - KNIT - Built on bulky Outer by Spud & Chloë for a fast knit.  This adorable bunting is the whole kit and caboodle with built-in hat and blanket for your tiny infant.  Who doesn't want a little lion to cuddle while Trick-or-Treating with big brother?  4-7 hours depending on speed


Treat Bags

Ghostly Treat Bag - CROCHET - 2 to 4 hours - This bag is quickly made from scraps in your bin with a wide, gaping mouth and assymetrical eyes.  The eyes are stitched on after the bag is made.  The bag is small and holds about 50-60 small treats so that your little will have less chance to overindulge in sweets.  I have always let my son fill the bag, but once full, Trick-Or-Treating is finished.  

We hope that you have a wonderful fall season and maybe even venture into some of the projects mentioned here.  Always remember that hats are commonly needed at hospitals and chemo clinics, so feel free to make a few (check the specifications and requirements at your desired location/charity first) to take to those in need.

Adult Halloween projects coming next week...

Images copyrighted by Yarn Loop, Blue Sky Fibers, Spud & Chloë, NNK Press.  I have personally made 8 of these projects so please feel free to contact me for pattern support.

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August 01, 2020

The Watermelon Hat is adorable!

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