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Indoors: 10 Practical Projects by Erika Knight


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Erika Knight presents Indoors, the pattern collection of simple knits for everyday ease.  From potted plants, blankets, pillows & cardigans, this collection isn't about following a lifestyle, but is an homage to living by observing not only how the home looks, but honoring how it makes us feel.  Delight in the restorative process of creating with your hands by making utility pieces, relaxed and unstructured, that reflect the warmth and comfort of home.  Designed for Rowan yarns.

The following patterns are included in the book.   

  • Bag in Creative Linen & Felted Tweed Aran
  • Cardigan in Creative Linen
  • Cell Stitch Cushions in Creative Linen -or- Big Wool
  • Lampshade in Kidsilk Haze
  • Patchwork Blanket in Felted Tweed Aran
  • Pots - Plain & Bobble in Creative Linen
  • Rug in Creative Linen
  • Stitch Throw in Creative Linen
  • Stripe Cushion in Creative Linen (Cover)
  • Sweater in SoftYak DK
  • Tassel Cushion in Creative Linen (Cover)
  • Trellis Stitch Cushion in Creative Linen
  • Wall Hanging in Creative Linen

Paperback, 75 pages
Published in 2021
Published by Quail Publishing Ltd.

Photography by Georgina Piper

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